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SKSE Member of: Game Script

Returns the load order index of the target plugin. (This function requires SKSE)


int Function GetModByName(string name) native global


  • name: The name of the target plugin as a filename string (e.g. "Dawnguard.esm")

Return Value

Either the exact index of the plugin in the current load order, or 255 if the plugin is not present.


Int TargetModIndex
TargetModIndex = Game.GetModByName("ChickenMod.esp")
if TargetModIndex != 255
  Debug.Trace("ChickenMod.esp is loaded at index number " + TargetModIndex + " in our load order.")
  Debug.Trace("ChickenMod.esp is not presently loaded.")


  • Calling this function on a non-existent plugin will not result in any log output, and so it may be used strategically before calling something like GetFormFromFile() to avoid creating log errors. (Or in place of GetFormFromFile entirely, if you only want to check if the plugin is present).
  • The result of this function will be 0 if SKSE is not installed.

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