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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Returns the angle between this object's current heading, and the direction from this object toward a target object, in degrees. If you were to add the returned angle to this object's current rotation around the z axis, it would then be facing the target object.


float Function GetHeadingAngle(ObjectReference akOther) native


  • akOther: The target object to measure the angle towards.

Return Value

The angle in degrees between this object's heading, and the direction of the target object from this one. Clockwise measures are positive, counterclockwise measures are negative.


;Assume a view from above:
;              C
;              |
;              |
;              |
;            , A------->  (A's heading [A is facing this direction])
;        , '    `
;    , '          `
;  D                `
;                     `
;                       `
;                         B
float fAngle = A.GetHeadingAngle(B) ;fAngle will equal 45.0
float gAngle = A.GetHeadingAngle(C) ;gAngle will equal -90.0
float hAngle = A.GetHeadingAngle(D) ;hAngle will equal 150.0 (approx)

; Have the statue face the player
float zOffset = Statue.GetHeadingAngle(Game.GetPlayer())
Statue.SetAngle(Statue.GetAngleX(), Statue.GetAngleY(), Statue.GetAngleZ() + zOffset)

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