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Returns an array of Factions the Actor is a member of filtered by the Actors rank. (Maximum Range of -128 to 127)


Faction[] Function GetFactions(int minRank, int maxRank) native


  • minRank: The minimum rank the Actor must be within the faction.
  • maxRank: The maximum rank the Actor can be within the faction.

Return Value

A Faction array is returned containing all factions the actor is a part of within the specified rank range.


        ;This example grabs the player, then their factions and finally prints the array of factions to the Papyrus log.
	Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer()
	Faction[] PlayerFactions = PlayerRef.GetFactions(-128, 127);The maximum range allowed.
	Debug.Trace("Player is a part of the following factions: " + PlayerFactions)

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