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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Obtains this reference's current Location.


Location Function GetCurrentLocation() native



Return Value

This reference's current Location.


; Is this object in the tomb?
if (TombLocationProperty == SwordProperty.GetCurrentLocation())
  Debug.Trace("The sword is in the tomb (but not a child location)!")


  • If you want to know if the actor is in the location or any of its children, you need to use IsInLocation.
    • For example, if you want to know if the actor is in SolitudeLocation or any of the city interiors, use IsInLocation(SolitudeLocation).
  • If you want to compare two different actors' locations TO one another, you probably want to use IsSameLocation.
  • This function will return NONE until the actor has interacted with a navmesh. Thus, it does not work on a dragon while in flight, or while perched on a building. They must land on the ground first.
  • Many wilderness cells don't have a location assigned to them, thus this function will return none.

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