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Member of: Quest Script

Obtains the alias with the specified ID that is attached to this quest.


Alias Function GetAlias(int iAliasID) native


  • iAliasID: The ID number of the alias to retrieve (as shown in the hidden second column on the Quest Aliases tab)

Return Value

The Alias associated with the passed in ID, or None if the ID is invalid.


; Get alias 1 on the quest
Alias myAlias = SuperQuest.GetAlias(1)


  • An alias's ID number is visible in the leftmost column in a quest's list of aliases. By default, that column is too narrow to be visible; you'll need to drag it to see the numbers.
    • Aliases are numbered in the order they are created; however, if an alias is deleted, its ID number is never reused.
  • The alias ID number is not something that is easily visible in the editor, it's much more consistent and reliable to set up a property for the alias you want and fill it in the editor properties window.
  • Remember that this returns an Alias, not a ReferenceAlias. If you're trying to retrieve a reference alias, you'll need to cast the returned result to the ReferenceAlias type.

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