FormList Script

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Native base script for Formlists in the game.


ScriptName FormList extends Form



Global Functions


Member Functions

AddForm(Form apForm)
  • Adds the given form to the form list.
Int Find(Form apForm)
  • Finds the specified form in the form list and returns its index or returns -1 if it's not a member.
Form GetAt(Int aiIndex)
  • Returns the form in the list at index aiIndex.
Int GetSize()
  • Returns the number of forms in the form list.
Bool HasForm(Form akForm)
  • Returns whether the passed-in form is in this form list.
RemoveAddedForm(Form apForm)
  • Removes the given added form from the form list.
  • Removes all script added forms from the form list.

SKSE Member Functions

AddForms(Form[] akForms)
  • Adds all forms in an array to the FormList.
Form[] ToArray()
  • Returns an array of all forms in the FormList.



Example Scripts

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