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Member of: Game Script

Finds the closest reference of the given type from the given location and within the given radius.


ObjectReference Function FindClosestReferenceOfType(Form arBaseObject, float afX, float afY, float afZ, float afRadius) native global


  • arBaseObject: The type of base object to look for
  • afX: center of the search, X component
  • afY: center of the search, Y component
  • afZ: center of the search, Z component
  • afRadius: Maximum distance from center to look for a reference

Return Value

The closest reference found, none if none.


; Find the closest diamond reference to 0,0,0, limiting the search to 5 units
ObjectReference closestDiamond = Game.FindClosestReferenceOfType(Diamond, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 5.0)

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