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The dialogue in a Quest's Favors Tab will play in response to specific Follower Command events generated by the game. The Favors Tab can have one Topic for each of these events (Agree, Refuse, MoralRefusal, etc.), and a stack of Infos associated with that event.

Favor Dialogue Subtypes

Favor Dialogue has the following event subtypes:

  • Agree: Said when the follower agrees to do what the player wanted, like sit on a chair.
  • ExitFavorState: Said when the player exits the follower command dialog.
  • MoralRefusal: Said when the follower refuses to do something against their Morality, such as stealing something.
  • Refuse: Said when it's impossible for the follower to do what the player wanted.
  • Show: Said when the player enters the follower command event.
  • FlyingMountLand: Said when the player gives a landing request to their mount.
  • FlyingMountCancelLand: Said when the player cancels their landing request.
  • FlyingMountAcceptTarget: Said when the mount accepts a target for attack.
  • FlyingMountRejectTarget: Said when the mount rejects a target for attack.
  • FlyingMountNoTarget:
  • FlyingMountDestinationReached: Said when the player travels to a location on the mount and reaches it.

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