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Member of: Game Script

FadeOutGame uses the in-game Fader menu to fade the game to black, or vice versa.


Function FadeOutGame(bool abFadingOut, bool abBlackFade, float afSecsBeforeFade, float afFadeDuration) native global


  • abFadingOut: Fades game out if true. Fades game in if false
  • abBlackFade: Fade color is black if true, white if false
  • afSecsBeforeFade: Number of seconds to wait before starting the fade-out / -in
  • afFadeDuration: How long the fade takes (in seconds)

Return Value



; Spend 2 seconds on a black screen before fading in to the game over 1 second.
Game.FadeOutGame(false, true, 2.0, 1.0)


  • This function may not work properly; the black/white screen is instantly removed after the fade-in. It is recommended to crossfade an ImageSpace Modifier instead.

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