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Events are special functions that the game will call when something happens. Note that simply defining an event won't make the game call it, you must follow the name and argument list of an event that the game already sends you.

Event Definition

<event> ::= <event header>
            [<function block>

Function headers must always be followed by a standard function block and "EndEvent", unless they are native (which are handled by the game).

Event Header

<event header> ::= 'Event' <identifier> '(' [<parameters>] ')' ['Native'] <flags>*

The event header is identical to the function header, but does not allow for return types or allow for the "Global" flag.


The parameters are identical to the function parameter list, but should match the data that the game will send to the event.


; A simple activate event handler 
Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActivator)

Special Variables

Event special variables are identical to a non-global function's.

Calling Events

Calling events is identical to calling a function.

A note about events

Events are not like the old block types. When you make an event in your script that extends ObjectReference or ReferenceAlias you are essentially creating a new version of that event, and you need to declare it with the same number of parameters. Those parameters are then used inside the script.

You should pretty much just copy and paste the events straight from the wiki, unless you desire to change the name of the parameters for some reason (but I can't think of a reason).

For example:

 Event OnHit(ObjectReference akAggressor, Form akWeapon, Projectile akProjectile)

You might be tempted to try something like this:

Event OnHit(Game.GetPlayer())

But that DOES NOT work.

Instead what you need to do is something like this:

 Event OnHit(ObjectReference akAggressor, Form akWeapon, Projectile akProjectile)
 	if akAggressor == game.getPlayer()
 		;do something

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