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SKSE Member of: Actor Script

Forces this actor to equip the first item in the specified form's extralist to the specified slot.


Function EquipItemEx(Form item, int equipSlot = 0, bool preventUnequip = false, bool equipSound = true) native


  • item - The Form of the item to equip.
  • equipSlot - The slot you wish to equip the item to.
    • Default Slot = 0
    • Right Hand Slot = 1
    • Left Hand Slot = 2
  • preventUnequip - If true, will prevent unequipping of the item for the actor.
  • equipSound - If true, no sound will be played on the equip.


;Force the player to equip swordProperty to the Default slot

; Force Ralof to equip a Dagger to his Left hand and do not suppress the sound.
Ralof.EquipItemEx(DaggerProperty, 2, false, false )


  • The first item in the extralist will be the last item added. For example, if the player has two steel swords and they enchant one, then poison the other, the poisoned sword will be equipped. Alternatively, if they poison one sword, then enchant the other, the enchanted sword will be equipped.
  • See EquipItemById - Actor for adding an item without an extralist.

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