EnableAI - Actor

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Member of: Actor Script

Enables or disables this actor's AI.


Function EnableAI(bool abEnable = true) native


  • abEnable: Whether to enable or disable the AI.
    • Default: True

Return Value



; Turn off evil AI

; Turn on good guy's AI


  • Disabling an actor's AI will also disable its havok processing. As a result, moving an actor whose AI is disabled can result in the actor hovering in the air above the target destination. When the AI is enabled, the actor will settle/fall to the ground.
  • If an actor is moved while its AI is disabled, the actor's collision will move, but its visible character model will remain in the old position. Once AI is enabled, the character model will move to the proper location, though the actor (both collision and model) may also try to snap to the navmesh.

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