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Dialogue is any text that is spoken in the game. In the Creation Kit, all dialogue is organized into Quests. Some Quests exist solely for the purpose of containing dialogue (such as DialogueWhiterun), while others include both quest and dialogue content. Note that a Quest must be running in order for any of its Dialogue to be used.

Nine of the tabs in the Quest Form allow you to create, view, and modify dialogue. They are:

All of these tabs share the same underlying concepts (like Branches, Topics, and Infos), and many share a similar interface. In general, dialogue is organized into:

  • Branches, which contain collections of Topics. Branches represent a 'thread' of the conversation, giving the dialogue system a place to start and a chain of Topics to follow from there.
  • Topics, which are stacks of Infos. Much of the time, they contain exactly one Info, but they can have more. The first Info whose conditions are satisfied will be used.
  • Infos, which represent one or more lines of dialogue to be spoken.

For an introduction to the Dialogue System, see Bethesda Tutorial: Dialogue.

Why isn't my dialogue displaying?

  • As noted in the intro, the quest containing the dialogue must be running before the dialogue will display.
  • If your quest is start game enabled, ensure you've generated an SEQ file.
  • If you have aliases, make sure they are filled or marked as optional.
  • Double check your Topic Info Conditions or any conditions specified on the Quest Data Tab.

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