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An Actor is a type of object that runs AI routines. Actors move in the world, can engage in combat, and can interact with other objects such as doors, containers, activators (levers, buttons, etc.), and other actors.

Actor Form

Actors have the following properties:

  • ID: The Form ID of the object.
  • Name: The display name for the object. If blank, the Actor cannot be activated (spoken to, looted, etc.) by the player in game.
  • Short Name: Optionally, a shorter name used in the HUD and for text replacement fields that specify the Short Name. If blank, the full Name is used.


Flag Function
Is CharGen Face Preset If checked, the face created for this actor is available for the player to choose in Character Gen.
Essential Essential actors cannot be killed. When they reach 0 health, they go into a special "bleedout" state and recover over time.
Protected Protected actors are treated as essential to all damage except that delivered by the player. The player is the only one allowed to kill a Protected actor.
Respawn References of this actor in the world will resurrect and reset when their cell is reset.
Unique Only one reference of this actor is allowed to exist. Unique actors mainly exist so that the Story Manager can find them even when they are not currently persisting.
Summonable This actor can be associated with a Summon Actor magic effect.
Is Ghost This actor is immune to all damage, and all weapons pass through them without playing hit effects or triggering hit events.
Invulnerable This actor is immune to all damage, although weapons and projectiles appear to hit them normally.
Doesn't Bleed When the actor is struck by a weapon, blood effects are disabled.
Simple Actor Disables face animations and morphing. Also disables the Story Manager's Death and Assault events.
Doesn't affect Stealth Meter When this actor detects the player, the stealth meter does not react. Typically used for non-hostile actors such as foxes, rabbits, deer, etc.

Reference Buttons

  • Add Destruction Data: The Destructible Object form associated with the Actor, if any. Almost always disabled.
  • Dialogue: Brings up the Dialogue window, with this Actor as the filter criteria.


Allows you to Add, Remove, and set the Properties for Papyrus Scripts on this actor. Scripts placed on an Actor Form will be used by all instances of the Actor, although their properties can be overridden on each individual reference. See Scripts for a more detailed description of the user interface.

Template Data

ActorBase allows you to select an Actor or Leveled Actor that this actor will be based on.

Each of the following checkboxes corresponds to a tab on the actor. If checked, the actor inherits (gets) the data for that tab from the actor specified in the ActorBase field. If unchecked, you can manually set the values on that tab instead. See Template Data for more information.


For a description of the tabs to the right, select from below:


  • Preview: Allows you to view a preview of the Actor in the Preview panel on the right side of the Actor form.
  • Head: Allows you to preview changes to the Actor's face morphs.

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