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SKSE Member of: StringUtil Script

Returns the decimal equivalent of the given character. (This function requires SKSE)


int Function AsOrd(string c) global native


  • c: The character to convert to decimal. Converts only the first character in the given string.

Return Value

The decimal equivalent of the passed character.
Returns 0 if the string was empty.


Import StringUtil
String myString = "a"
Int decimal = AsOrd(myString) ; decimal == 65 == A
myString = "A"
decimal = AsOrd(myString) ; decimal == 65 == A
myString = "Long string"
decimal = AsOrd(myString) ; decimal == 76 == L
myString = ""
decimal = AsOrd(myString) ; decimal == 0


This function returns the decimal equivalent, not the hexadecimal equivalent.
This function is case-insensitive (like all SKSE string functions right now).

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