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Member of: Actor Script

Adds the specified spell to this actor.


bool Function AddSpell(Spell akSpell, bool abVerbose = true) native


  • akSpell: The spell to add to this actor.
  • abVerbose: Pass false to suppress UI messages for spells added to the player. Spells added to NPCs never result in a UI message.
    • Default: True

Return Value

True on success.


; Adds the sheep spell to the player
if (Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(SheepSpellProperty))
  Debug.Trace("Sheep spell added to the player")

; Adds the sheep spell to the player, silently
if (Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(SheepSpellProperty, false))
  Debug.Trace("Sheep spell added to the player (like a ninja!)")


  • Adding a Spell marked as an Ability to the Player without at least one Effect Item set in the Spell's Effects List will result in a crash to desktop when the Player attempts to view their Active Effects in the menu.
    • You can get away with an Effect-less Ability by applying the AbBlank Effect to an Ability. This will prevent crashing, but keep the Ability from appearing in Active Effects.

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