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Member of: ActiveMagicEffect Script, ReferenceAlias Script, ObjectReference Script

Adds a form as a "filter" for OnItemAdded and OnItemRemoved events sent to this object. The filter will be applied only to the specific Reference, Alias, or Active Magic Effect it is added to, so each will need to have filters applied to them independently.


Function AddInventoryEventFilter(Form akFilter) native


  • akFilter: The item to filter with. If a base object or reference, this object will only be notified of references or base objects matching exactly. If a form list, it will filter using all of the forms in the form list (only items in the form list will be allowed through).

Return Value



; Make sure we only get events for gold and soul gems


  • The filter will only check inventory objects directly against the objects in the form list, and will not dig inside nested lists to find them.
  • New filters that are added stack with any previous filters. If you intend to override previous filters you will need to remove them first.
  • In case anyone is wondering, Skyrim does not support passing None to this function; that was added in Fallout 4. You can get identical behavior by adding an empty FormList, though.

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