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Member of: FormList Script

Adds the given form to the form list.


Function AddForm(Form apForm) native


  • apForm: Form to add to the list, if apForm == None this function seems to have no effect

Return Value



; Adds the diamond to the gem list


  • It is not clear where in the list the form will be added.
    • Code analysis indicates that new forms are appended to a block at the start of the list. This is almost the same as adding them to the start of the list. If the Creation Kit defines a FormList with elements A and B, and you add elements C, D, and E in that order, then the expected list order based on disassembly of the executable would be C D E A B.
    • The same wiki editor who performed that code analysis also ran a simple test in-game, adding three activators to a FormList that already contained two. The resulting order was A B C D E.
    • Other wiki editors have observed elements being added to the start of the list, although it's not clear whether they tested multiple additions (the difference between prepending, and appending to a block at the start).
  • FormLists cannot contain duplicate entries. Using AddForm(...) with a form that is already in the list will not add a second copy to the list.
  • A created reference does not become persistent by virtue of being added to a FormList. If you try to retrieve the reference from the FormList when it is not loaded and not persistent, you will get an incorrect result or no result.

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