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Type: WEAP
Papyrus: Weapon Script, ObjectReference Script

The Weapon object is found within the Object Window under the Items Category.

Editor Dialog

Weapon Editor.png
  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Name: The object's name as it will appear within the game world and user interface menus.
  • Enchanting: The Enchantment to use.
  • Enchantment:
  • Value: The object's value in caps which determines its worth to vendors.
  • Template:
  • Preview Transform: A Transform applies positioning to a Model File. These may be used when previewing objects within the Creation Kit or in-game user interface menus.
  • Object Window Filter: Controls the sub-category that this object will appear within the Object Window.
  • Skill:
  • Equip Type: Used for weapons.
  • Object Template:
  • Damage per second:
  • Flags
    • NPCs Use Ammo:
    • Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance:
    • Automatic:
    • Can't drop:
    • Not Used in Normal Combat:
    • Non-hostile:
    • Has Scope:
    • Secondary Weapon:
    • No Jam Reload:
    • Minor Crime:
    • Hide Backpack:
    • Playable: If checked, this object will be usable by the player. The object may be visible in user interface menus or usable when encountered within the game world.
    • Player Only:
    • Bound Weapon:
    • Hold Input to Power:
    • Repeatable Single Fire:
  • Description: The object's description as it will appear within user interface menus.
  • Keywords: A list of Keywords that signal information to other game systems.
  • Attach Parent Slots:
    • Collect From 3D:
  • Scripts: Papyrus scripts may be added, removed, and their properties edited.
    • Add: Adds a papyrus script to this object.
    • Remove: Removes the selected papyrus script from this object.
    • Properties: Shows the papyrus property editor for the selected script.

Game Data

  • Weight: The weight of this object which represents how heavy it is.
  • Reach:
  • Speed:
  • Reload Speed:
  • Attack Delay Seconds:
  • # Projectiles: The amount of projectiles spawned each shot. NOTE: Damage is split between each projectile; for example, if the weapon has 10 damage and 5 projectiles, each projectile will do 2 damage.
  • Accuracy Bonus:
  • Crit Charge Bonus:
  • Sighted Transition Seconds: The length of time in seconds to move between hip firing and aiming.
  • Attack Action Point Cost:
  • Override Projectile:
  • Resist:
  • On Hit:
  • Zoom Data:
  • Instance Naming: Instance Naming Rules are a set of prefixes used to modify an item's Name depending on what Keywords and Object Mods it has. This works on a per-reference basis.
  • Aim Model: The AimModel object used by this weapon.
  • Stagger:
  • Melee Speed:
  • Range
    • Min: Distance in units where damage falloff begins.
    • Max: Distance in units where damage falloff ends.
    • Fixed:
  • Damage
    • Base:
    • Out-of-range Multiplier: Percentage of damage done when target is further than the distance specified in Max Range.
    • Crit Dmg Mult: Damage is multiplied by this value on critical hits.
    • Secondary:
    • Full Power Seconds:
    • Min Power Per Shot:
    • Damage Types
      • Damage Type:
      • Value:
  • Ammo:
    • Capacity:
    • Charging Attack:
    • Charging Reload:
    • Bolt Action:
    • Disable Shells:
    • NPC Add Ammo List:
  • Crit Effect:
    • On Death:
  • Embedded Weapon:
    • Embedded Weapon Mod:

Art and Sound

Weapon Art and Sound Editor.png
  • Model
    • Model: The 3D Model File that will be used for this object.
    • 1st Person Model:
  • Inventory Image: The Texture File to use for an inventory image. This property is depreciated, obsolete, or does not appear to be used by the game.
  • Message Icon: The Texture File that will be used for this object's message icon. This property is depreciated, obsolete, or does not appear to be used by the game.
  • Impact Data Set:
  • Block Bash Impact Data Set:
  • Alternate Block Material:
  • Add Destruction Data: Allows you to configure the objects destruction data with the Destructible Object Data editor.
  • Animation
    • Attack Seconds:
    • Fire Seconds:
    • Reload Seconds:
    • Attack Shots/Sec:
    • Anim Type:
  • Attack Sound:
  • Attack Sound (2D):
  • Attack Loop:
  • Attack Fail (No Ammo/Melee Miss):
  • Hi-Res 1st Person Only:
  • Idle Sound:
  • Equip Sound:
  • UnEquip Sound:
  • Fast Equip Sound:
  • Pickup Sound: The Sound Descriptor played when the object is picked up.
  • Putdown Sound: The Sound Descriptor played when the object is dropped.
  • Detection Sound Level:


Weapon Rumble Editor.png
  • Firing Rumble
    • Left motor strength: The rumble strength of the gamepad's left motor.
    • Right motor strength: The rumble strength of the gamepad's right motor.
    • Duration: The rumble duration in seconds.
    • Pattern:
    • Period(ms):

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