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Excellent addition of Static to the editor reference. Thanks for that! --Scrivener07 (talk) 2016-07-05T05:23:06 (EDT)

Come join the forum thread Do you know of anyone else trying to organize a wiki effort? --Scrivener07 (talk) 2016-07-13T04:18:14 (EDT)

Article Style

No "Overview" sections

Good idea. You seem to know more about wiki than me. I was trying to overview as a way to get the table of contents to appear at the top of a page. A misguided idea Ill start removing. So the ToC should appear under the brief description at the top of the page? --Scrivener07 (talk) 2016-07-13T04:23:52 (EDT)

Move editor images under Editor Reference section

I also agree with this. --Scrivener07 (talk) 2016-07-13T04:31:54 (EDT)

Yeah, an auto-generated ToC will appear just before the first section, so without an Overview section, that'll be under the brief description when there is a brief description (script object pages generally won't have much of one). It's worth also knowing about the Table of Contents codes, listed here; however, the codes that use curly braces rely on Template pages that we may not have (yet).
I'll probably get started on retroactively moving editor images and nuking any remaining Overview headers once I start working on new pages, e.g. ArmorAddon. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know -- didn't want to step on your toes. DavidJCobb (talk) 2016-07-13T19:22:59 (EDT)