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Armor Slots and GetWorn

There is a precedence to armor slots. The slots are ordered from head-to-toe. An armor form only properly exists on the highest slot it covers. Armors will superfically flag the cover slots it covers as occupied. For example a helmet with goggles that covers the HEAD+EYE slots will have to be accessed via the HEAD slot. On the other hand, a gas mask that covers the EYE+MOUTH slots will need to be accessed via the EYE slot. If for some reason there is a mask that covers the HEAD+EYES+MOUTH then it will need to be accessed via the HEAD slot because its the highest one.

Scriptname WornExample extends Quest
Actor Player
int BipedEyes = 17 const
bool ThirdPerson = false const
Event OnQuestInit()
	Player = Game.GetPlayer()
	Actor:WornItem worn = GetWorn()
	Debug.TraceSelf(self, "OnQuestInit", "Worn:"+worn)
Actor:WornItem Function GetWorn()
	{Scans down the highest slot of an eye slot armor.}
	int slot = 0
	While (slot <= BipedEyes)
		Actor:WornItem worn = Player.GetWornItem(slot, ThirdPerson)
		If (ItemFilter(worn.Item))
			return worn
		slot += 1
	Debug.TraceSelf(self, "GetWorn", "No biped slot has a valid eyes armor.")
	return none
bool Function ItemFilter(Form item)
	Armor armo = item as Armor
	return armo && HasSlotMask(armo, kSlotMask47)
bool Function HasSlotMask(Armor armo, int value) Global
	return Math.LogicalAnd(armo.GetSlotMask(), value) == value

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  • Finish F4SE script documentation up to the current version.
  • Document the papyrus assembly. The Script File may be the only mention of papyrus assembly. The user cadpnq has started to document some of the assembly instructions here

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