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Editing Rate of Fire

Speed affects the maximum rate of fire and controls the speed of the firing animation (normally). Higher Speed values than 1 divide the Attack Delay and lower Speed values than 1 multiply it.

For example:

2 Speed and a 1 second Attack Delay makes a semi-automatic weapon fire a shot every 0.5 seconds.

0.5 Speed and a 1 second Attack Delay makes a semi-automatic weapon fire a shot every 2 seconds.

Attack Delay limits rate of fire by requiring a specified amount of time to pass before the next shot can be fired. The Automatic and Bolt Action Flags disable Attack Delay.

With the Bolt Action flag enabled, Speed only affects the the speed at which animations associated with the Bolt Action flag play. Instead of restarting the firing animation with each shot, the firing animation and any animation associated with the Bolt Action flag must finish for the next shot to be fired on weapons with the Bolt Action flag. God mode disables Bolt Action, so don't use it when testing weapons with the Bolt Action flag.

The Automatic flag seems to allow a weapon to fire as fast as the firing animation will play. Some weapons such as the .44 Revolver change firing animations when the Automatic flag is enabled. As said before the automatic flag disables the Attack Delay value completely and just takes the Speed value into account. The RPM value the player sees inside the game when looking at a weapon isn't actually Rounds per minute but instead Rounds every 10 seconds fired. So an ingame RPM of 100 means for every ten seconds of continous fire you will spend 100 rounds.

To adjust the value to correctly reflect the RPM you have in mind, it's useful to first calculate the rounds per second your weapon will use. For example a weapon with a real RPM of 600 will have 10 rounds per second. So you will have to take that result, multiply it by ten and use that to calculate the rest. For the actual speed values:

   SPEED             INGAME RPM (Rounds per 10 seconds)

1: 0.016875 1.40625 RPM Ingame

2: 0.03375 2.8125 RPM Ingame

3: 0.0675 5.625 RPM Ingame

4: 0.125 11.25 RPM Ingame

5: 0.250 22.5 RPM Ingame

6: 0.500 45 RPM Ingame

7: 0.750 68 RPM Ingame

8: 1.000 90 RPM Ingame

9: 1.500 136 RPM Ingame

10: 2.000 181 RPM Ingame

As can be seen, doubling the speed value roughly doubles the ingame RPM. All values here are ingame RPM, meaning rounds per 10 seconds fired. Now to calculate the weapons rate of fire. Take the previously calculated rounds per second, multiply it by ten and then see which values on the chart add up to the desired RPM of your weapon. You will need to add the speed values together, sometimes substract one or more of those values as well to reach the desired RPM. --Noahdvs (talk) 2016-04-29T23:28:05 (EDT)