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Member of: Actor Script

Near-instantly snap this actor into the inactive suit of power armor aArmorFurniture. If passed "None" while an actor is in power armor, they will get out on the spot; or take a few steps in a random direction before getting out if their back is currently to a wall or other object.


Function SwitchToPowerArmor(ObjectReference aArmorFurniture) native


  • aArmorFurniture: The inactive armor furniture to snap this actor into. It should not already be in use. It does not need to be enabled for this function to work (and it will be disabled after this function is called). It must be furniture with the "FurnitureTypePowerArmor" keyword. If "None", and this actor is currently in a suit, they will get out where they stand.

Return Value



; Snap the dude into awesome armor

; Get the dude out of his armor


  • Don't call this immediately after enabling the actor in question. If you might do that, call SwitchToPowerArmor before calling Enable().
  • If you take an actor out of power armor with SwitchToPowerArmor(None), you can get access to the suit they just got out of by using ActorThatJustGotOut.GetLinkedRef(LinkPowerArmorKeyword)

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