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Member of: Alias Script

Event called when this alias' script is reset. (As a result of a repeatable quest resetting)


Event OnAliasReset()




Event OnAliasReset()
  Debug.Trace("This alias was reset")


  • This event is the same as OnReset but named differently to be able to tell the difference between an alias resetting and the object pointed at by the alias resetting.
  • Your script's data has already been reset by the time you receive this event (and your OnInit has been run), so if you need to retain any information between Resets, you need to store the information somewhere else.
  • This event is received when a repeatable quest is started up.
  • Any event registrations that have been done before the object was reset (and before OnInit would have been called) will have been cleared.
  • This event does not block other events, functions, or properties from running (unlike OnInit).

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