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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Event called when the object reference is activated.


Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)



Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)
  Debug.Trace("Activated by " + akActionRef)
; Have the event run if the triggering objectreference is the player.
Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)
   if akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer()
      ; your code here.


  • An actor entering furniture will send this event. However, an actor exiting furniture will send the OnExitFurniture event instead.
  • This event will still be received if the object reference has had its normal activation processing blocked via BlockActivation. It is also most likely running after the object itself has done (or ignored) it's normal activation processing. Which means, for example, that if normally the object is picked up you won't be able to manipulate it as it will have already been moved into the actor's inventory.
  • This event will still be received when attempting to open a door that is locked. Checking a door's current lock state will be needed in order to avoid premature/unwanted activations.

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