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The Object Window contains Object Classes in the currently loaded master and plugin files which can be viewed and edited. It is also the window from which objects are dropped into the Render Window.

Editor Window

Editor ObjectWindow.png

  • Layout: The currently selected window layout.
  • (...): Opens the object window layout dialog.
  • Filter:Filter the displayed objects by matching a string to EditorID.
  • (-): Collapses all object categories.

Object Categories

Context Menu

Right clicking on an object in the list will bring up a context menu where you can Create a new object, edit the existing object, duplicate the existing object, or delete the existing object. You can also "Create New Object Window" if you want multiple object windows open at once (a handy feature), or "Use Info" to find all the places that use the object.

The context menu contains different entries depending on what you right click on (the context).

  • (Right Click Any)
    • New:
    • Edit:
    • Duplicate:
    • Delete:
    • Create New Object Window: Creates an additional Object Window.
  • (Right Click Object)
  • (Right Click Object has Assets)
    • Preview:
    • Update Model Texture List:
  • (Right Click Object has Reference)
    • Clear Affected Cells for PreCombine data:
    • Recalc Bounds:
    • Adjust transform on All Refs:
  • (Right Click Object has Actor Value)
    • Add Property:
    • Remove Property:
  • (Right Click Object Constructible Object)
    • Create Recipe: This will create a new Constructible Object for the selected object.
  • (Right Click Object Mod)
    • Create Loose Mod: This will create a new Object Mod for the selected object.

Placing an Item in the World

To place an object in the world, select it, and then drag and drop it into an open Render Window. You must drag from actual text, as trying to grab empty space will result in the object not being grabbed. The object will appear in the world at the point you let it go, and the Render Window will now be selected so you can place the object correctly. Note, only certain types of objects can be dragged into the world.

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