Message Script

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Extends: Form Script
Editor: Message

Script for the manipulation of Message base objects.


ScriptName Message extends Form Native Hidden



Global Functions

  • Function ClearHelpMessages()
    • Hides any currently displayed help messages.
  • Function ResetHelpMessage(string asEvent)
    • Resets the status of a help message input event, allowing a message to be displayed for that input event

Member Functions

  • int Function Show(float afArg1, float afArg2, float afArg3, float afArg4, float afArg5, float afArg6, float afArg7, float afArg8, float afArg9)
    • Shows this message on the screen, substituting in the appropriate numbers. If it's a message box, it waits til the user closes it and returns the button they hit.
  • Function ShowAsHelpMessage(string asEvent, float afDuration, float afInterval, aiMaxTimes, string asContext, int aiPriority)
    • Shows help message for a user action on screen.
  • Function UnshowAsHelpMessage()
    • Terminates this message early