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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Make this object into a radio transmitter-repeater. Repeaters can extend the range of an existing, limited-range radio transmitter. All radio scene actions sent to the source transmitter are detectable by radio receivers that are within range of any of the source's repeaters.


Function MakeTransmitterRepeater(ObjectReference akTransmitterToRepeat, float afInnerRadius, float afOuterRadius, \
    bool abUnlimitedRange = false) native


  • akTransmitterToRepeat: The radio transmitter reference to repeat.
  • afInnerRadius: Inner radius for the repeater. Inside this radius, there is no radio static mixed into the signal due to distance.
  • afOuterRadius: Outer radius for the repeater. Beyond this radius, the signal is lost.
  • abUnlimitedRange: True if the repeater should ignore the inner/outer radii and be detectable anywhere.
    • Default: false

Return Value



ObjectReference Property Transmitter Auto
; Make us a short-range repeater for Transmitter
self.MakeTransmitterRepeater( Transmitter, 2000, 4000 )

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