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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Make this object a radio receiver. Override the current state if the object is already a receiver. If the object is a reference to an Activator, the radio on/off state will toggle when activated. Once the object is a receiver, the other radio receiver functions may be applied to it.


Function MakeRadioReceiver(float afFrequency, float afVolume = 1.0, OutputModel aOverrideModel = None, \
  bool abActive = true, bool abNoStatic = false) native


  • afFrequency: The frequency to set the receiver to.
  • afVolume: The volume multiplier to use for this receiver. Valid range: [0.0-1.0]. This can only be used to quiet a receiver, and does not affect its audible range. If you'd like to change the audible range, use the aOverrideModel parameter.
    • Default: 1.0
  • aOverrideModel: The OutputModel to use for this receiver. This can be used to change the audible range, attenuation curve, etc. of the radio. If None is specified, the OutputModel specified in the Default Object 'WorldRadioOutputModel_DO' will be used.
    • Default: None
  • abActive: The on/off state of the receiver.
    • Default: true
  • abNoStatic: Set to true if the radio should not play static when its transmitter is out-of-range.
    • Default: false

Return Value



Event OnLoad()
    ; Make us into a radio, tuned to 98.0, full volume, and use the special output model we've set up for Eyebots.
    self.MakeRadioReceiver( 98.0, 1.0, EyebotOutputModel )
OutputModel Property EyebotOutputModel Auto Const

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