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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Checks to see if the specified furniture marker on this object is in use, optionally ignoring reservations.


bool Function IsFurnitureMarkerInUse(int aiMarker, bool abIgnoreReserved = false) native


  • aiMarker: The marker to check, starts with 0.
  • abIgnoreReserved: Whether to ignore reserved markers or not.
    • Default: False

Return Value

If the marker on the furniture is in use. (Or reserved, if we aren't ignoring reservations)


; Is the first marker on the bed in use (or someone has reserved it)?
if Bed.IsFurnitureMarkerInUse(0)
  Debug.Trace("Bed marker 0 is being used")

; Is the first marker on the bed actually in use (ignoring reservations)?
if Bed.IsFurnitureMarkerInUse(0, true)
  Debug.Trace("Bed marker 0 is actually being used")

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