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Member of: Actor Script

Check to see if a specific limb has been dismembered. If no body part is passed it this function will check to see if any limb has been dismembered.


bool Function IsDismembered(string asBodyPart = "") native


  • asBodyPart: The string used to define the body part.
    • Default: Empty string
    • The following values are acceptable:
      • Torso
      • Head1
      • Eye
      • LookAt
      • Fly Grab
      • Head2
      • LeftArm1
      • LeftArm2
      • RightArm1
      • RightArm2
      • LeftLeg1
      • LeftLeg2
      • LeftLeg3
      • RightLeg1
      • RightLeg2
      • RightLeg3
      • Brain
      • Weapon
      • Root
      • COM
      • Pelvis
      • Camera
      • OffsetRoot
      • Left Foot
      • Right Foot
      • Face Target Source

Return Value

True if the asBodyPart has been dismembered.


; Check to see if the actor's head has been dismembered.
if (ActorID.IsDismembered( "Head1" ))
  Debug.Trace("This actor's head has been cut off")

; Check to see if any of the actor's limbs have been dismembered.
if (ActorID.IsDismembered( ))
  Debug.Trace("This actor has at least one limb cut off")

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