ImageSpaceModifier Script

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Extends: Form Script

Script for the manipulation of image-space modifiers.


ScriptName ImageSpaceModifier extends Form Native Hidden



Global Functions

  • Function RemoveCrossFade(float afFadeDuration)
    • Removes the last modifier on the cross-fade chain, fading it out.

Member Functions

  • Function Apply(float afStrength)
    • Applies this image-space modifier to the screen at the specified strength.
  • Function ApplyCrossFade(float afFadeDuration)
    • Applies this modifier to the cross-fade chain, fading between the last modifier on the chain and this one.
  • Function PopTo(ImageSpaceModifier akNewModifier, float afStrength)
    • Disables this modifier and immediately enables the other one - "popping" to it.
  • Function Remove()
    • Removes this image-space modifier from the screen.