HeadPart Script

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Extends: Form Script
Editor: HeadPart
Requires F4SE version 0.2.0 or higher.

Script for the manipulation of head part objects.


ScriptName HeadPart extends Form Native Hidden



F4SE Properties

  • HeadPart Types: Set of read-only properties to essentially make a fake enum for HeadPart Types.
    • int Type_Misc: 0
      • The Misc head part type.
    • int Type_Face: 1
      • The Face head part type.
    • int Type_Eyes: 2
      • The Eyes head part type.
    • int Type_Hair: 3
      • The Hair head part type.
    • int Type_FacialHair: 4
      • The FacialHair head part type.
    • int Type_Scar: 5
      • The Scar head part type.
    • int Type_Brows: 6
      • The Brows head part type.
    • int Type_HeadRear: 9
      • The HeadRear head part type.

Global Functions


Member Functions


F4SE Member Functions

  • HeadPart[] Function GetExtraParts()
    • Returns an array of all the extra parts to this part.
  • int Function GetType()
    • Returns the head part type.
  • FormList Function GetValidRaces()
    • Returns a formlist of the valid races for this head part.
  • bool Function HasExtraPart(HeadPart p)
    • Returns whether this head part has this extra part.
  • bool Function IsExtraPart()
    • Returns whether the head part is an extra part.
  • Function SetValidRaces(FormList vRaces)
    • Sets a formlist of the valid races for this head part.



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