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Member of: ScriptObject Script

Gets the current value of a property on this script by name.


Var Function GetPropertyValue(string asPropertyName) native


  • asPropertyName: The name of the property

Return Value

Whatever value the property has.


; Get the value of the "TargetActor" property from the "CombatOverhaul" script
; We use CastAs to make sure we don't depend on the script we want to call the function on
ScriptObject combatScript = FormFromOtherMod.CastAs("CombatOverhaul")
Var result = combatScript.GetPropertyValue("TargetActor")
Actor target = result as Actor
if target
  target.Kill() ; Kill them all!


  • If the property name don't exist, the function will error. You may want to check for the existence of the mod you want to talk to before using this.
  • The compiler cannot check the property name for you, so make sure to triple check everything!

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