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Member of: Actor Script

Gets the actor's currently equipped weapon.


Weapon Function GetEquippedWeapon(int aiEquipIndex = 0) native


  • aiEquipIndex : The equip index to get the equipped weapon for
    • Default: 0 - The default will use the actors default equip slot

Return Value

The Weapon the actor currently has equipped.


; Does the player have the uber dagger equipped in their first equip slot?
if (Game.GetPlayer().GetEquippedWeapon() == UberDagger)
  Debug.Trace("Player has uber-dagger equipped in their first equip slot")

; Does the player have the wimpy sword equipped in their second equip slot?
if (Game.GetPlayer().GetEquippedWeapon(1) == WimpyDagger)
  Debug.Trace("Player has wimpy sword in their second equip slot")

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