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Member of: Actor Script

Dismember a limb from this actor. The body part string should be the same string as listed in the editor for body part - part type. The force bools should only be used if you want to ignore the random odds set up in the body part data in the editor.


Function Dismember( string asBodyPart, bool abForceExplode = false, bool abForceDismember = false, \
  bool abForceBloodyMess = false ) native


  • asBodyPart: The string used to define the body part.
    • Current list of body part names:
      • "Torso"
      • "Head1"
      • "Eye"
      • "LookAt"
      • "Fly Grab"
      • "Head2"
      • "LeftArm1"
      • "LeftArm2"
      • "RightArm1"
      • "RightArm2"
      • "LeftLeg1"
      • "LeftLeg2"
      • "LeftLeg3"
      • "RightLeg1"
      • "RightLeg2"
      • "RightLeg3"
      • "Brain"
      • "Weapon"
      • "Root"
      • "COM"
      • "Pelvis"
      • "Camera"
      • "Offset Root"
      • "Left Foot"
      • "Right Foot"
  • abForceExplode: Set to true to force an explosion on this limb.
    • Default: false
  • abForceDismember: Set to true to force the limb to be severed.
    • Default: false
  • abForceBloodyMess: Set to true to force bloody mess.
    • Default: false

Return Value



; Make the actors head explode
ActorID.Dismember( "Head1", true, false, false )


Make sure the actor has 3d before you try to dismember the limbs or nothing will happen. You can use Is3DLoaded to tell when it is safe to call this function.

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