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Member of: InputEnableLayer Script

Selectively disables the player's controls on this layer.


Function DisablePlayerControls(bool abMovement = true, bool abFighting = true, bool abCamSwitch = false, \
  bool abLooking = false, bool abSneaking = false, bool abMenu = true, bool abActivate = true, \
  bool abJournalTabs = false, bool abVATS = true, bool abFavorites = true, bool abRunning = false) native


  • abMovement: Disable the player's movement controls.
    • Default: True
  • abFighting: Disable the player's combat controls.
    • Default: True
  • abCamSwitch: Disable the ability to switch point of view.
    • Default: False
  • abLooking: Disable the player's look controls.
    • Default: False
  • abSneaking: Disable the player's sneak controls.
    • Default: False
  • abMenu: Disables menu controls (Journal, Inventory, Pause, etc.).
    • Default: True
  • abActivate: Disables ability for player to activate objects.
    • Default: True
  • abJournalTabs: Disables all Journal tabs except System.
    • Default: False
  • abVATS: Disables ability for player to use VATS.
    • Default: True
  • abFavorites: Disables ability for player to use the favorites menu.
    • Default: True
  • abRunning: Disables ability for player to run.
    • Default: False

Return Value



; Disable movement and combat
InputEnableLayer myLayer = InputEnableLayer.Create()

; Disable just camera switching
myLayer.DisablePlayerControls(false, false, true, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false)


  • Calling DisablePlayerControls with the False flag set for individual parameters will not re-enable controls that are already disabled. Use EnablePlayerControls instead.

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