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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Disables this reference, fading it out if necessary. This function will not wait for the fade or the disable to happen before returning.


Function DisableNoWait(bool abFadeOut = False) native


  • abFadeOut: Whether to fade the item out or not. If this is an enable parent the children will not be faded.
    • Default: False

Return Value



; Disables the reference, popping it out

; Disables the reference, fading it out


  • Small objects will never fade.
  • Children of an enable parent will not fade and will simply pop out of existence when the parent object has finished fading.
  • Putting a DisableNoWait() in the same script call as an Enable or EnableNoWait can cause problems, because the DisableNoWait doesn't wait for the disable to finish before returning. That means your DisableNoWait call will be bashed by the Enable call.

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