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Show the selected message when this ALIAS is activate.

Required Properties

Message MessageToShow
{The message to show when I'm activated.}

Optional Properties

Int Button0StageToSet 
{Stage you want to set when Button 0 is clicked.}
Int Button1StageToSet 
{Stage you want to set when Button 1 is clicked.}
Int Button2StageToSet 
{Stage you want to set when Button 2 is clicked.}
Int Button3StageToSet 
{Stage you want to set when Button 3 is clicked.}
Int StageToCheck
{The stage we will check to see if the message should show or not.}
Bool ShowIfStageIsSet = FALSE
{If FALSE (DEFAULT): Message will only show until the stage is NOT set.
If TRUE: Message will only show if stage IS set.}

Debug Properties

Bool ShowTraces
{Default = FALSE, Set to TRUE if you want the traces in this script to show up in the log.}