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Simple script you attach to your quest to respawn Aliases that have the DefaultAliasRespawnScript on them.


ObjectReference[] RespawnMarkers 
{array of respawn markers - actors will randomly respawn at these out of player's LOS}
ObjectReference RespawnMarkerFailsafe 
{this is where I will respawn if player has LOS
on other respawn points}


int startStage = 0  
{Quest stage that needs to be set for respawning
to start}
int doneStage = 0  
{Respawning will stop if this stage is set}


int respawnTimeMin = 5 
{min time between death and respawn in seconds}
int respawnTimeMax = 10 
{max time between death and respawn in seconds}
int respawnPool = 0 
{how many NPCs can be respawned?
0 = infinite

Debug Properties

Bool ShowTraces
{Default = FALSE, Set to TRUE if you want the traces in this script to show up in the log.}

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