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For any activator with standard open/close states. Optionally allows DoOnce, interrupt-able animations, and enable/disabling linked collision prim based on open state.

Required Properties

string openAnim = "open" 
{Animation to play when opening}
string closeAnim = "close" 
{Animation to play when closing}
string openEvent = "opening" 
{Open event name - waits for this event before considering itself "open"}
string closeEvent = "closing" 
{Close event name - waits for this event before considering itself "closed"}

Optional Properties

bool isOpen = false
{Set to TRUE ot start open.}
bool doOnce = false 
{Set to TRUE to open/close on first activation only.}
string startOpenAnim = "opened" 
{OnLoad calls this if the object starts in the open state}
bool AllowInterrupt = FALSE 
{Allow interrupts while animation? Default: FALSE}
bool InvertCollision = FALSE 
{Typically this will be False (DEFAULT).  The References LinkRef'd Chained with the TwoStateCollisionKeyword will typically be 
Enabled onOpen, and Disabled on Close.  If you want that functionality inverted set this to TRUE}


keyword TwoStateCollisionKeyword 
{Keword to link to the collision you want to enable/disable based on this activators opened/closed state.}