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Member of: InputEnableLayer Script

Creates a new input enable layer for a script to use to enable/disable player controls. Note that these are a limited resource, so you should not hold onto them longer then you need to have the player's controls disabled.


InputEnableLayer Function Create() native global



Return Value

A new input enable layer. If the game is out of layers, it will return None.


; Create a new layer
InputEnableLayer myLayer = InputEnableLayer.Create()


  • The layer is tagged with the form, script, function, and line number of this call for debugging purposes.
  • When you are done with the layer and no longer need to disable the player's controls, dispose of it by either setting all variables and properties holding it to None, or by calling Delete() on it.
  • To see all active layers in the game, use the DumpInputEnableLayers console command.

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