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Member of: CommonArrayFunctions Script

Checks to see if the passed in form is in the array. (Basically wrapping a find call with a couple of additional checks to handle None)


bool Function CheckFormAgainstArray(Form FormToCheck, Form[] ArrayToCheck, bool returnValueIfArrayIsEmpty = false) global


  • FormToCheck: The Form to look for
  • ArrayToCheck: The Form array we are looking in
  • returnValueIfArrayIsEmpty: If the array is empty, return this.
    • Default: false

Return Value

  • True: If the Form is in the array
  • False: If the Form is not in the array
  • False: If Form is None
  • returnValueIfArrayIsEmpty: If ArrayToCheck is Empty/None


if CommonArrayFunctions.CheckFormAgainstArray(Car, FuelEfficientCars)
   Debug.Trace("The car is fuel efficient!")

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