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The Fallout 4 Script Extender, or F4SE for short, is a community made modder's resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Fallout 4. F4SE supports the latest version of Fallout 4 available on Steam, PC only. There are no plans to support the virtual-reality (VR) version of Fallout 4.

For the latest releases and documentation visit the official website


Adds all new native Papyrus script objects.

Native Plugin API

Allows authors to extend Fallout 4 by writing c++ code.

Console Commands

Running GetF4SEVersion from the console will print the current version of F4SE. The currently installed version of F4SE is also shown in the PauseMenu next to the game version.


F4SE log files will be written to ...\<Documents>\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\. These files contain useful information such as version information, loaded plugins, and debug messages.

Optionally, logging from Scaleform may be enabled by adding bEnableGFXLog=1 to the [Interface] section of your F4SE.ini. Create Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\F4SE.ini if it doesn't exist.


Key Mappings

Customization of internal key mappings. Copy CustomControlMap.txt to ...\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\CustomControlMap.txt. Edit that file to set your bindings. The format is the same as Skyrim, it's a space-separated file. The first column is the name of the internal keybind. The second column is the keyboard scan code that should activate the bind in hex, or 0xFF if unbound. Use google to find a table of scan codes. The third column is for mice, the fourth for controllers. The next three columns control whether or not a control should be written to the user's config file. The final column specifies which input layer the bind is associated with - you will probably not want to change that.


Scaleform is the middleware between Fallout 4 and Adobe Flash. This is the technology behind the games User Interface.

Translation Injection

F4SE adds support for Scaleform translation injection. Create your own translation file by adding a text file that matches your mod name to ...\Fallout 4\Data\Interface\Translations. For example, the mod HelloWorld.esp may add English translations by creating ...\Fallout 4\Data\Interface\Translations\HelloWorld_en.txt.

Menu Code Object

F4SE also provides a Scaleform code interface by installing a code object to the root of any registered menu. To acquire the F4SE code object in AS3, use (stage.getChildAt(0) as MovieClip).f4se or MovieClip(root).f4se.

There are some cases when the installed F4SE code object on a menu root may be unreachable from your display object class. With F4SE v0.6.8 and greater the code object may be received by implementing the onF4SEObjCreated function on your display object class. This function is called on the menu root document as well as first-level children.

package Shared.F4SE
	public interface ICodeObject
		function onF4SEObjCreated(codeObject:*):void;
Code Object

It is a good idea to wrap calls to the F4SE code object in a Try/Catch block.

  • AllowTextInput : Function(allow:Boolean):void
  • GetMembers : Function():void
  • CallFunctionNoWait : Function():void
  • SendExternalEvent : Function(eventName:String, *...):void
  • GetDirectoryListing : Function(path:String, match:String, recursive:Boolean):Array
  • MountImage : Function(menuName:String, mountPath:String, mountName:String):void
  • UnmountImage : Function(menuName:String, mountPath:String):void
  • plugins : Array
    • pluginName1 : [Object]
    • pluginName2 : [Object]
  • version : [Object]
    • releaseIdx : Number
    • minor : Number
    • major : Number
    • beta : Number

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