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Member of: Scroll Script

Casts this scroll from the specified object reference, optionally toward a target object reference.


Function Cast(ObjectReference akSource, ObjectReference akTarget = None) native


  • akSource: The ObjectReference from which to cast the scroll. The source must be able to cast this scroll.
  • akTarget: An optional ObjectReference at which to aim the spell. If None is passed and the scroll needs a direction, it will be aimed in a default direction.
    • Default: None

Return Value



; Cast the fireball scroll from the wizard

; Cast the fireball scroll from the wizard at the victim
Fireball.Cast(Wizard, Victim)


  • This function casts the scroll instantaneously. This is mainly desirable only for non-actors, because it will not animate an actor. For instance, the spell will be cast even if the actor's hands are not readied.
  • If you wish to make an actor cast a scroll using all the normal spellcasting behaviors, please instead use an AI package that includes the UseMagic procedure.
  • Actor races can be set to cast magic only in the direction that the actor is facing. if the source is an actor with this racial setting, the target parameter will be ignored.

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