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Member of: ScriptObject Script

Calls a function on this script asynchronously. Script execution continues immediately without waiting for the function you called to finish (or even start).


Function CallFunctionNoWait(string asFuncName, Var[] aParams) native


  • asFuncName: The name of the function to call
  • aParams: The list of parameters to pass

Return Value



; Call "Function LaunchFirework(int aHeight, float aTimer, Form aBaseObject)" on the "FourthOfJuly" script
; We use CastAs to make sure we don't depend on the script we want to call the function on 
ScriptObject celebration = CelebrationForm.CastAs("FourthOfJuly")
Var[] params = new Var[3]
params[0] = 10
params[1] = 11.0 ; Note the '.0' to make this a float
params[2] = RedBurst as Form ; Must cast as form by hand, even though explosion is derived from form
celebration.CallFunctionNoWait("LaunchFirework", params)
params[0] = 15
params[2] = BlueBurst as Form
celebration.CallFunctionNoWait("LaunchFirework", params)
; Now we have two copies of LaunchFirework running in parallel with us, each with different parameters


  • If the function name don't exist, the function will error. You may want to check for the existence of the mod you want to talk to before using this.
  • The parameter types must match exactly. You cannot insert a float into the param array if the function expects an int, or a Actor if the function expects an ObjectReference. Normally the compiler would do these casts for you in a normal function call, but it doesn't know what the parameters are, so it is your responsibility to match them up.
  • The compiler cannot check the function name or parameters for you, so make sure to triple check everything!
  • If you need the return value from the function you'll have to use CallFunction instead.

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