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F4SE Member of: ActorBase Script
Requires F4SE version 0.3.1 or higher.

A structure that holds information about an actors body weight consisting of three ratios. The sum of the three ratios should add to 1.0


Struct BodyWeight
  float Thin
  float Muscular
  float Large


  • Thin: The thin ratio of the actors weight.
  • Muscular: The muscular ratio of the actors weight.
  • Large: The large ratio of the actors weight.


ActorBase:BodyWeight bodyWeight = new ActorBase:BodyWeight
bodyWeight.Thin = 0.25
bodyWeight.Muscular = 0.25
bodyWeight.Large = 0.50
Debug.Trace("Thin: " + bodyWeight.Thin)
Debug.Trace("Muscular: " + bodyWeight.Muscular)
Debug.Trace("Large: " + bodyWeight.Large)

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