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F4SE Member of: ObjectReference Script
Requires F4SE version 0.3.2 or higher.

Attaches a BendableSpline base object between to other references.


ObjectReference Function AttachWire(ObjectReference akRef, Form akSpline = None) Native


  • akRef: Must not be None and must also not be the same as the caller (i.e. no wire to itself).
  • akSpline: Must be a BendableSpline object. If None is passed, it will use the default workshop wire (FormID 0001D971).

Return Value

  • The newly created wire ref in a disabled state, or None if no wire was attached.


; Attach a metal cable wire between the top of a radio tower to one of it's anchor points.
ObjectReference wireRef = RadioTowerTop.AttachWire(RadioTowerAnchor, MetalCableSpline)
; Enable the wire so we can see it.


  • The ref this is called on must linked to a workshop using the keyword WorkshopItemKeyword (FormID 00054BA6). All objects placed in workshop mode are linked to the workshop using this keyword. The calling ref must also not be another BendableSpline.
  • When created, the new ref is disabled, so you must enable it yourself. For convenience you can use CreateWire instead.

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