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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Attaches a mod to this object.


Function AttachMod(ObjectMod akMod, int aiAttachIndex = 1) native


  • akMod: the base form of a mod that we wish to add & attach to this reference
  • aiAttachIndex: OPTIONAL: the attach index to put akMod onto. For example, a robot that can take an arm mod in three different places can have this specified to specify which spot the arm mod should go to. Defaults to 1. Has no relevance and can safely be ignored for mods that can only go in one spot.

Return Value

True if it successfully attached the mod, false otherwise. Note that this is only going to check that the mod found an attach point to attach to; it will not check what type of mod it is or if it replaced another mod already on the reference.


; Attach a "RobotArmMod" onto the second slot it can go onto
myRobot.AttachMod(RobotArmMod, 2)


Changing an armor item's mods causes it to be silently unequipped and re-equipped.

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