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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Attach a mod to an item in this object's inventory.


bool Function AttachModToInventoryItem(Form akItem, ObjectMod akMod) native


  • akItem: a base form of the item we want to modify
  • akMod: a base form of the mod we want to add/attach to akItem

Return Value

True if it successfully attached the mod, false otherwise. Note that this is only going to check that the mod found an attach point to attach to; it will not check what type of mod it is or if it replaced another mod already on the item.


; attach a new arm armor mod to Bob's power armor
BobRef.AttachModToInventoryItem(PowerArmorObject, PowerArmorRightArmMod)


  • This doesn't do much error checking, so if you try to attach a mod to an item that already has the mod, it may silently fail
  • Currently there is a bug if you do this to an actor in combat; they will end up having no weapons drawn and won't attempt to draw any unless forced to do so.
  • Currently this function causes the object to reload its entire 3d if they had the item equipped that you modified. This might look strange if the player is watching.
  • This function currently won't work if the object it is called on has more than one of the item you request to modify.

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